Los Angeles Rams: Todd Gurley comments about Kevin Hart dangerous

LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 12: Todd Gurley
LOS ANGELES, CA - AUGUST 12: Todd Gurley /

Comedian Kevin Hart participated in a Los Angeles Rams practice and proceeded to drop a punt. Was it wrong for Todd Gurley comments to call out Hart for it?

Some comments by Los Angeles Rams running back Todd Gurley about comedian Kevin Hart indicated that NFL fans shouldn’t be so quick to judge NFL players. Perhaps Gurley shouldn’t be so quick to poke fun at a comedian.

Hart participated in a Rams training camp practice on Thursday, which the Rams’ Twitter captured.

In addition, Hart left one unflattering impression on his “teammates” when he tried — and failed — to field a punt:

After the session, a reporter asked Gurley, the Rams starting running back, about his impressions on Hart practicing with the team, per ESPN:

"“It was funny,” Rams running back Todd Gurley said. “If I ever see him on Twitter talking stuff about a football player … he can’t even catch a punt, so, he definitely can’t say anything else about a football player.”"

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As a follow-up, the reporter asked whether he’s seen anything on Twitter about Hart criticizing football players. Todd said in a post-practice press conference (via TheRams.com):

"Nah, but I’m pretty sure everbody (does). That’s like a prime example — if y’all seen ‘Todd sucks at fumbles. …’ And then you go out there and run a play and fumble, it’d be like I’m not the only who sucks, huh? It works both ways. Let us do our job and (we’ll) let you do your job."

But is Gurley sure he wants to engage Hart in a battle of words?

First, Gurley and most NFL players practice countless hours with ball security or catching punts — whatever the case may be. Hart and most fans don’t. If Hart has been practicing catching punts for years and then dropped the ball in front of the Rams, that’s on Hart.

If Gurley went out cold to try stand-up comedy in front of an audience? Hart might have a rebuttal on such an effort. Gurley, however, did make sure to add some flattering remarks toward Hart to fend off any possibility of a Hart retort, also from the press conference:

"“It was pretty cool having him out there. Funny, one of the funniest guys in the game. We (were) all excited to have him out there, for sure.”"

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Even still, Gurley might not want to be so quick with his judgment of someone just trying to give the players a fun experience at practice.