Los Angeles Rams: Top 25 ranking better suited for college football

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The Los Angeles Rams composite power ranking might not be so bad, except we’re talking about the NFL, not the NCAA

The Los Angeles Rams power ranking composite to start the 2017 season would be great…if we were talking about the FBS and college football. Four major websites put the Rams in or around the top 25, which is about as expected. The team gets ready to play the Indianapolis Colts in Week 1.

The Colts will be without a few starters, including quarterback Andrew Luck, cornerback Vontae Davis and center Ryan Kelly, according to Yahoo! Sports and the Associated Press. Safety and first-round draft pick Malik Hooker may see limited action.

The Rams, however, likely will be without All-Pro defensive lineman Aaron Donald. Putting the Rams power ranking any higher at this stage is wishful thinking.

Los Angeles’ high mark is 24th among the 32 teams, as USA Today ranks the league (h/t Turf Show Times). But that comes with a caveat. The USA Today report, as of Monday afternoon, had duplicated the note about the No. 23 Detroit Lions. So the Rams didn’t even get the respect of a proofread despite the ranking.

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SB Nation listed the Rams at No. 25 without explanation. No. 25 also is the Rams spot on the Yahoo! Sports rankings. The favorable placing may be due more to the Colts’ injury woes than the Rams strength.

From the Yahoo! blurb:

"The Rams couldn’t ask for a better spot in Week 1, catching the Colts without quarterback Andrew Luck and cornerback Vontae Davis. And it’s a home game for the Rams. If they can’t win that, it’ll be a long season."

And NFL.com knocked Los Angeles down a few rungs, dropping the Rams power ranking from No. 27 to No. 29. But that site does see great potential for the Rams:

"The Rams, for all their door dings and cracked engine blocks, have an incredible opportunity to open the season. First, they’ll face the Andrew Luck-less Colts at home. After dodging one of the better quarterbacks in the game, they will have to take on another in Kirk Cousins — but the Redskins QB is still trying to mesh with his new offensive teammates, and that game is also in Los Angeles. Thus, the Rams could be 2-0. Then L.A. plays at S.F., another winnable game. The following week brings a trip to Dallas, for which the Cowboys could be missing Ezekiel Elliott. Maybe by the time the Rams see the Seahawks in Week 5, A) The light bulb will have come on for Jared Goff, and B) Aaron Donald will be on the field, playing lights out."

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The power rankings make for good conversation. But the Rams are much more intent on evaluating their offense after all the upgrades. And whether Jared Goff can grow into the franchise quarterback. Hopefully, Goff won’t be stuck in past college football glory only.