2018 NFL Mock Draft: 10 Big trades create mass chaos

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It’s time to take a look at another 2018 NFL Mock Draft, only this time with 10 potential big trades in the first round.

Once again, it’s time for another 2018 NFL Mock Draft, as the end of April will be here before football fans know it, and all of their questions about which players end up going in the first round will finally be answered. However, one of the most difficult parts about mock drafts is the possibility of teams throwing curveballs at the last second with unexpected trades, which is where this latest one comes into play.

To have a little fun, let’s imagine this year’s draft was filled with numerous big trades in the first round, whether it involves the New York Giants possibility trading up to No. 1 to land Sam Darnold or the Arizona Cardinals making the necessary moves to find a potential quarterback of the future early on. It sounds crazy to think about, but when looking at all of the teams from previous drafts, including the Chicago Bears last year with Mitch Trubisky, that pulled off trades out of nowhere, anything seems possible once the draft arrives.

For this latest mock draft, imagine 10 big trades involving 20 teams (with each team swapping first-round picks, obviously) that as a result would make for a crazy first round. So by kicking things off right away with a trade involving the Giants moving up to find Eli Manning’s successor, let’s take a look at the latest NFL Mock Draft involving the 10 big trades.

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