Green Bay Packers: Johnathan Hankins should be considered

HOUSTON, TX - NOVEMBER 05: Tom Savage /

The Green Bay Packers didn’t really add to their defensive line much this offseason. That might not be bad, but Johnathan Hankins is still available.

The Green Bay Packers didn’t have one of the best defensive lines in the NFL last season. In fact, calling them middle-of-the-pack is generous. Despite that, they didn’t make many moves this offseason. Johnathan Hankins can drastically change that.

The Packers added Muhammad Wilkerson, a solid veteran presence. He’s at the stage of his career where he won’t turn around a defensive line unit though. The reason for this lone move could be players like Kenny Clark — who Green Bay hopes can make the next step this season. While that very well could happen, it’s hard to pass up on extra help.

If the Packers decide not to make any more moves, I think the unit can do fine. That being said Jonathan Hankins is still available. Hankins has been a person of interest for many teams this offseason and there’s a good reason why.

The defensive lineman didn’t put up All-Pro numbers in 2017, but he was incredibly impactful. Picking up 44 tackles and two sacks Hankins was an absolute plug on the line. This is made obvious by his three pass deflections and five tackles for loss. Meanwhile, at just 26, there’s plenty of time for him to continue growing as well.

Hankins is the perfect mix of superb run stopper and strong pass rusher. At 6-2, 325 pounds he’s plenty big enough. Size isn’t everything though. If that’s all someone has their ceiling isn’t very high. It’s the size paired with solid footwork and trench moves that make Hankins a very dangerous threat.

Thrown onto a line that features Mike Daniels could do wonders for Hankins. The two would feed off each other nicely. Doubling teaming one leaves the other with a more clear path to the quarterback or running back. Meanwhile, double teaming both leaves players like Clark or Wilkerson with an open path to the ball.

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The Green Bay Packers don’t absolutely need Johnathan Hankins. He would, however, make things much easier for everyone on the defense.