Jacksonville Jaguars: Could Dave Caldwell trade for Aaron Donald?

The Jacksonville Jaguars could bolster their defensive line more if they added Aaron Donald. Would such a trade be possible?

General manager Dave Caldwell has built the Jacksonville Jaguars roster since 2013. He has drafted really well and has added free agents to transform the Jaguars into Super Bowl contenders. But he really has not pulled off a blockbuster trade, yet.

Last October, Caldwell traded for Marcell Dareus. Jacksonville needed a run stopper in the middle of the defensive line. Caldwell gave Buffalo a draft pick in return for Dareus.

Seems like most of Caldwell’s trades were sending players off for draft picks. Cody Kessler was added to the Jaguars roster for a conditional seventh-round draft pick. Would Caldwell ever consider making a blockbuster trade?

Currently, Aaron Donald and the Los Angeles Rams are squabbling over money. Donald sat out mandatory minicamp over wanting a new contract. Donald is in the last year of his rookie contract.

According to Over The Cap, Donald is scheduled to earn $6.892 million in 2018. He becomes an unrestricted free agent in March 2019. Would the Rams be willing to deal him to the Jaguars?

Surely, the Rams would rather trade him instead of letting him walk away. Caldwell should, at least, make a call to the Rams and inquire about a possible deal. There are several players that Jacksonville could offer in a trade.

First of all, Caldwell could offer Dante Fowler Jr. Jacksonville declined to pick up his contract option. Fowler and a draft pick could be offered to Los Angeles. Next, Dareus is another trade candidate. Dareus is signed through 2021. He would be cheaper than Donald for the same period of time.

Finally, Malik Jackson is worthy of consideration. Jackson is under contract through 2021, too. Jackson would be an inexpensive alternative to Donald as well.

Since blockbuster trades are rare, it’s highly doubtful that Caldwell and the Rams make one. However, it’s fun to speculate and “what if” the Jaguars make this move. Let’s see how this plays out.