Green Bay Packers: “Grumpy” Aaron Rodgers is what team needs

Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images /

In recent days, a self-proclaimed “grumpy” Aaron Rodgers has surfaced. And this could be exactly what the Green Bay Packers need from their quarterback.

News from Green Bay Packers camp took an unexpected turn recently. Quarterback Aaron Rodgers expressed his displeasure with the scout team. Running the offense with the scout team, Rodgers was openly upset with the effort put forward by the players.

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He went on to describe himself as “older and grumpier”. Honestly, this could easily be overlooked as nothing with no story involved. However, there’s possibly something deeper here and it could  ultimately be great for Mike McCarthy’s squad.

Rodgers has always taken football extremely seriously. It’s hard to argue that point. He’s also been able to have fun though. That’s a good combination for a quarterback. As a leader of the team though, you want to be sure they can take charge as well.

Rodgers appears more-than-capable of expressing his frustration now. While many may not like someone calling out his own teammates, sometimes it’s necessary. This was one of those times. He wasn’t making excuses for himself by throwing other players under the bus. He was simply pointing out that the effort wasn’t there. If the players want to grow and help the team win, they need to play at 100% all the time. The quarterback made sure the players were aware of how he felt, and explained what he expected of them.

The Green Bay Packers are transitioning at the moment. There are a bunch of younger players on the roster, and that could lead to similar “effort” situations in the future. With that in mind, a clear-cut locker room leader is needed.

A “grumpy” Aaron Rodgers is perfect for this role. He has been a team leader for years, but this only solidifies his position. The quarterback has the ability to have fun and keep things loose, but has now proven that he can be stern when needed.

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As the Green Bay Packers look to leap back into Super Bowl contention, they’ll need solid contributions from some young players. The good news is “grumpy” Aaron Rodgers is ready to lead them.