New York Giants: 5 Early offensive tackle, quarterback targets in 2019 NFL Draft

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The New York Giants need to replace Eli Manning and protect whoever plays quarterback, so they should look at these targets in the 2019 NFL Draft.

New York Giants quarterback and two-time Super Bowl winner Eli Manning isn’t the problem, despite what some may think. When you spend as much time in the dirt as he does, you’ll be more familiar with picking grass out your helmet than completing passes. Nevertheless, he’s figuring out how to make it work and trying to make Big Blue consider their 2019 NFL Draft plans.

In Week 1, the media hammered the Giants for not taking Sam Darnold, who looked great. Since then, the tune has changed, a little. As the season progresses, it’s clear that Saquon Barkley was the better choice, he helps them tremendously, more than a backup QB would have.

With Barkley, Odell Beckham, and Evan Engram at tight end, the Giants need to look toward their future. The season is long, but two things are clear looking ahead to the 2019 NFL Draft: They need a successor to Manning and their offensive line must be improved.

Here are five prospects the Giants should have on their early 2019 NFL Draft board. 

5. Will Grier, QB, West Virginia

It’s hard to get past the offense that Will Grier plays in with the West Virginia Mountaineers when evaluating him as a prospect. There are a lot of quick screens and short routes. Additionally, Grier likely won’t get drafted in the top 10, also in part due to size. He’s probably closer to 6-1 than his listed 6-2, which will hurt him in the draft process. However, there are some notable NFL traits that Grier possesses. 

Arm-wise, he has a quick, over the top release. The ball zips from his hand on intermediate throws, hitches and comebacks. He has enough power to throw the deep ball and the accuracy to complete it. As a matter of fact, according to Pro Football Focus’ big board after Week 3, he led college football in throws 20 yards or more.

Grier also does a great job on seam routes and has enough strength to squeeze the ball into tight windows. Despite the offensive scheme, Grier has shown the ability to go through his progressions. In the pocket, he’s great at sensing pressure. He moves really well and throws the ball on the run effectively. There’s arguably no better quarterback and moving and sliding to avoid sacks thanks to his quick feet.

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