Jacksonville Jaguars: Huge showdown looms for Jalen Ramsey

The Jacksonville Jaguars Week 5 matchup on Sunday features the marquee showdown between Jalen Ramsey and Tyreek Hill.

Sunday’s game will be a huge test for the Jacksonville Jaguars. Jacksonville travels west to face the Kansas City Chiefs. All eyes will be fixed on the Jalen Ramsey and Tyreek Hill showdown. This game could possibly be a preview of the AFC Championship Game in January. Kansas City has a very explosive offense. Jacksonville is the top NFL passing defense and tops in total defense after four weeks.

The Chiefs are the worst statistical NFL defense. Jacksonville’s offense will be without Leonard Fournette to power the rushing attack. The Jaguars will have to find a way to keep the Chiefs offense on the sidelines.

Will the Jaguars defense be able to corral Kansas City’s quick strike offense? Can the linebackers smother Kareem Hunt and their running game? Most of all, will the Jaguars pressure and sack the Chiefs gunslinger, at quarterback, Patrick Mahomes?

The marquee matchup for all is Ramsey and Hill. Adam Teicher of ESPN reported Hill’s comments:

“I’m always up for a challenge. The best always go against the best.”

Ramsey, never a loss for words, replied to Hill’s comments. ESPN’s Michael DiRocco reported Ramsey’s response:

“I don’t like how whoever has made it a matchup me against Tyreek,” Ramsey said Thursday afternoon. “He’s good for what he does … as a return specialist … I made All-Pro in my position as a corner. … So it’s not a wide receiver versus corner matchup, …”

Regardless of how Ramsey views the matchup, the Chiefs have very good receivers. Jacksonville has to play bend but not break defense. Also, the Jaguars secondary had better cover Travis Kelce on every down and not let him run wide open.

Blake Bortles must make smart decisions. Bortles is very effective moving the chains with his feet. Expect the Chiefs to stack the box to force Bortles into passing early and often.

Since Fournette is out, Jacksonville needs to find a rhythm in the running game. T.J. Yeldon and Corey Grant have huge shoes to fill. Perhaps there will be more two back sets with Yeldon and Grant.

It has been said that defense wins championships. In this game, the Jaguars have the better defense. Winning this game, on the road, will be a huge step towards winning a championship. The game will be won in the trenches. Jacksonville has the edge on both sides of the ball. Turnovers might be the determining factor.