New York Jets: 8 Best replacements for Todd Bowles

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The inevitable has happened. Todd Bowles is no longer the head coach of the New York Jets. Who should be his replacement, though?

After starting his head coaching career with a ten-win season, Todd Bowles has had three consecutive season with fewer than seven wins. The New York Jets were right to let him go with all the mismanagement and poor decisions, he’s proven that being a head coach isn’t his cup of tea at this point. He clearly wasn’t ready, even though it’s not all his fault.

Bill Parcells said that you are what your record says you are. That means Bowles, like the coaches before him, is an under .500 coach. Each of the last four head coaches have made the playoffs at least once, and then ended their tenure in a tailspin.

Not many coaches can leave on top. However, the Jets need to end this trend of instability with their head coaches.

The instability may be due to the coaches being first-time head coaches. The Jets should focus on head coaches with NFL head coaching experience first, then go after the up and coming rookie head coaches.

Who are the top candidates for the Jets heading into 2019? Let’s take a look.

8. Bruce Arians, former Arizona Cardinals head coach

Of all the free agent coaches, Arians is the most intriguing. The first big issue is that he keeps saying that the only team he will return to coach for is the Browns. However, people can change their minds.

His record as a head coach speaks for itself, but there’s one problem. There’s no record of him working with a young quarterback and developing him, and the team in Arizona that he coached was mostly a veteran team, and the Jets team as a whole is young. It’s not that he can’t do it, but there’s just no evidence that he can.

Arians has only one losing season, and he’s been to the playoffs twice as the Cardinals head coach. So if he’s capable of working with Sam Darnold and developing young talent, then he’s one of the best available coaches.