Cleveland Browns: 2019 NFL Draft targets

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The following includes the 135 draft prospects the Cleveland Browns should target in and after the upcoming 2019 NFL Draft based on data analysis.

When looking at production data, athletic testing and age as well as the tape of players, these are the 135 players I believe the Cleveland Browns should target in the 2019 NFL Draft. Without access to detailed medical reports or character assessment, it’s the best I can do with the information I have.

If a player is not listed, it’s because they fell short based on production/athletic traits and how they’ve translated over the course of NFL history based on the extensive work done by Jim Cobern. This does not guarantee success. It is merely an effort to reduce the likelihood of failure.

Players that are productive, athletic and younger  have a better shot at being successful in the NFL than players that aren’t, missing one or more of those qualities. It seems simple enough, but it’s not always applied which is where a lot of mistakes can happen. And because so much of this data is unofficial, mistakes might happen in terms of data reporting and potentially dates of birth. I apologize in advance if that happens.

Should a player not be listed, it doesn’t mean they can’t be successful. But for various reasons, they didn’t have the requisite attributes to make this list. Maybe they had a bad day in terms of testing or were injured. I can only go off what I have. And when players miss those marks, it represents a larger risk, even if everything else suggests they should be great.

To borrow and paraphrase A Few Good Men: It’s not what about I believe, but rather what I can prove. The rankings are my own based on the data combined with the tape of the players, which is where the human element enters the picture.

A * next to a particular drill denotes a result at pro day. A * next to a prospect’s weight means the entire workout is from a pro day.

No quarterbacks are included, because the Browns have Baker Mayfield, so they don’t need one for the foreseeable future. Nevertheless, based on data, Jordan Ta’amu of Ole Miss and Brett Rypien of Boise State are about as good as it gets as potential targets that could attainable later in the draft.

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