2019 NFL Mock Draft: Surprise trade into top three shakes up first round

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The first round gets shaken up wildly in this 2019 NFL mock draft with a shocking trade up into the top three to take a quarterback.

In this 2019 NFL mock draft, I am going to give you a realistic first-round scenario based on the actual talent of the prospects, team needs and schematic fits. Nobody has a perfect mock draft, but we can use this practice to learn more about specific options for each team and learn how they can improve their situations going forward.

This 2019 NFL Draft class is interesting. The quarterback class is not necessarily deep, but there are a few prospects who could really grow into something special at the next level. Positions like defensive line and tight end are absolutely loaded, while defensive back and wide receiver is relatively limited.

Make no mistake about it, there is enough talent in this draft class to significantly improve the situations of multiple teams.

I tried to not get too carried away with it, but there are trades in this first-round 2019 NFL mock draft, including one trade in to the top three that immediately shakes everything up. We all know the prospects, the draft order and team, now let’s put it all together with a complete first-round projection.

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