New York Giants: 3 Reasons trading for Josh Rosen makes perfect sense

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The New York Giants have been a rumored landing spot for Josh Rosen leading up to the 2019 NFL Draft.

With the 2019 NFL Draft scheduled to officially get underway Thursday night, rumors surrounding the New York Giants possibly acquiring Josh Rosen from the Arizona Cardinals continue to swirl heading into the first round.

In fact, the Giants and the Miami Dolphins are reportedly the only two teams that have reached out to the Cardinals over the last couple of weeks about Rosen, although Arizona continues to claim there isn’t a deal in place.

Still, just because there’s no deal in place at the moment doesn’t necessarily mean it should be ruled out since crazier things have happened in the NFL over the years, especially when it comes to actual trades taking place on the night of the draft.

As the Cardinals continue to try to figure out whether Kyler Murray or another quarterback would be worth going with at No. 1, chances are the team is still weighing out all of the potential options as well in regards to Rosen, which is why the Giants are worth monitoring Thursday night.

No matter how confident New York feels in Manning having a few good years left in him, the time to move on from the two-time Super Bowl MVP will be coming sooner rather than later.

In other words, the time is now for the Giants to figure out their next successor to Manning, and while it’s tough to see at the moment, Rosen deserves consideration for the future job, and here are three reasons why a potential trade on draft night would be perfect.

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