Ranking NFC North starting quarterbacks entering 2019

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The NFC North is always a highly contested division on both sides of the ball, but which team truly has the best starting quarterback among the quartert?

The 2018 season in the NFC North was quite an interesting one. The Chicago Bears won the division after finishing the 2017 season with a 5-11 record. Aaron Rodgers once again seemed to have gotten injured and seemingly was hurt for most of the season. Kirk Cousins had a good-not-great season with the Minnesota Vikings while the Detroit Lions never seemed to gain any momentum under first-year head coach Matt Patricia

Yet, the 2019 season could be different, especially from the quarterback perspective. Mitchell Trubisky is now in his second year under offensive coordinator Mark Helfrich and Matt Nagy. Rodgers may now have finally gotten a head coach he can get along with. Cousins and the Vikings improved their offensive line and a good tight end prospect in the draft. Matthew Stafford now has a full year under Matt Patricia, as well.

With a big year for the NFC North ready to transpire in 2019, it’s a perfect time to rank the four starting quarterbacks — not based on the situation around them, but by how they each individually have performed.

4. Mitchell Trubisky, Chicago Bears

The Chicago Bears rebounded outstandingly from going 5-11 in the 2017 season. Their defense was arguably the best in the leauge with an absolute career year from Eddie Jackson and, of course, after trading for Khalil Mack to terrorize teams off of the edge.

On the offensive side of the ball, the Bears played well, but it wasn’t anything extraordinary or special. What was good about the Bears offense was the design and play-calling. What Mark Helfrich and Matt Nagy did for Mitchell Trubsiky was quite smart, giving him easy reads and well-designed plays so that Trubisky did not have to make any tight-window or deep throws

Trubisky is not a horrible quarterback, but he certainly is not a good one yet. Trubisky is quick in the pocket and can make stuff happen when the play pushes him outside, but he occasionally struggles with the deep ball in addition to struggling with accuracy in general. However, he is still young and could still possibly get better.

When Trubisky hits his prime, my verdict is that he will be the franchise-caliber quarterback teams crave but could end up being a middle of the road quarterback. With that type of player, though, putting quality pieces around him can still lead to overall team success.

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