Dallas Cowboys: 3 Reasons team will beat Packers in Week 5

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2. The Trenches

If there is one thing the Dallas Cowboys are known for, it’s their top-tier offensive line.  You almost want to pity the Packers pass rush, even after they improved this offseason, going into this game. They had relative ease against their opponents until Week 4 when they came across the Eagles’ offensive line.

Philadelphia did not give up a single sack against this group from Green Bay. Now the Packers have to fly to Dallas to face a line that is even stronger and more disciplined than the Eagles’.

Defensively against the Eagles, the Packers could not even get close to quarterback Carson Wentz. For a team that was tied for third in the league in registered sacks (12) heading into the game, the Cheeseheads did not show any dynamic pass-rushing in what was ultimately the Packers’ first loss of the 2019 season.

That feat is credited to the dominant work by the Eagles’ offensive line. With the exception of a few expected penalties here and there, the Eagles absolutely silenced the Packers’ defensive front.

A defensive front might be able to muster up a few sacks against the Minnesota offensive line but the Dallas Cowboys are a different breed when it comes to blocking. Heading into Week 5, they have only allowed three sacks on the 2019 season

Even with star left tackle Tyron Smith (ankle) ruled out for Sunday’s matchup and Cameron Fleming stepping in, it is safe to say that the Cowboys will keep this Green Bay pass rush far from Dak Prescott and Ezekiel Elliott in the backfield. Not only will the aforementioned defensive line dominate but the offensive line will help Dallas completely own the trenches on Sunday.