NFL Week 8, 2019: 5 Coaches on the hot seat

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Here are five head coaches that should consider themselves on the hot seat for NFL Week 8 of the 2019 season.

After another weekend of action, there is plenty to discuss once again when it comes to certain head coaches being on the hot seat for NFL Week 8 since it seems like some individuals could be let go any day now.

Take a look at the Atlanta Falcons for instance, and how Dan Quinn’s team is coming off another embarrassing loss in Week 7 to the Los Angeles Rams, making it seem like the team could make a move at any given time.

Back in Week 2 when they defeated the Philadelphia Eagles, the Falcons appeared to be on their way to becoming a top contender in the NFC once again, only to go on to lose the next five games in a row.

Take this into consideration with the team recently deciding to trade Mohamed Sanu to the New England Patriots, and it seems like Atlanta is already throwing the towel in on the 2019 season since the veteran was a key member to the passing game.

From a talent perspective, the Falcons have no excuse to be on the verge of missing the playoffs for a second year in a row, especially with all of the firepower on offense.

So if Atlanta eventually decides to move on from Quinn, this wouldn’t come as a surprise at all since plenty of coaches would love the opportunity to work with this kind of team.

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Along with Quinn, here are some other coaches worth keeping an eye on for Week 8 when it comes to being on the hot seat.

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