NFL Trade Deadline 2019: 10 Players who need change of scenery

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With the 2019 NFL Trade Deadline looming, teams are obviously going to be buyers or sellers. But these 10 players themselves could use a change.

You can definitely overstay your welcome in the NFL. Whether they are a long-time veteran or popular fixture on a team, there are times when moving on is good for both parties, be it at the NFL Trade Deadline or otherwise.

As the league nears the 2019 NFL Trade Deadline on Oct. 29, teams ready to part ways with certain players will be talked about. Some names may surprise, and some may not. But as the NFL begins to see more and more activity with moving players, some interesting scenarios begin to play out.

Over the past seven weeks, you can already identify organizations that may be close to breaking through. Other teams have been decimated by injuries or may find themselves down to a second or even third-string quarterback. Meanwhile, other teams may simply be sellers because they are upside down in the win-loss column.

For those fans already eyeing the draft, smart trades can bring needed picks to restock the shelves. While a team like the Miami Dolphins started their fire sale early on, another like the Cincinnati Bengals could stand to shed a few players and rebuild for next season.

If you’re a fan in New England, Kansas City, Los Angeles, Green Bay or San Francisco, perhaps you’re only one key player away from a legitimate Super Bowl run. All that said, whatever your team’s situation is, it could get very interesting, very soon.

But as for the players who could stand to be moved at the 2019 NFL Trade Deadline and would benefit from a new scene, these 10 guys fit the bill.