NFL Trade Deadline 2019: 5 Trades that should’ve been made

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NFL Trade Deadline
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We already touched on the fact that Andy Dalton was benched on Tuesday by the Cincinnati Bengals. While it’s relatively hard to believe that Ryan Finley is going to be the answer for the Bengals going forward, moving on from Dalton was something that many people though Zac Taylor’s team would do as they start to mold a new direction for the franchise. They’re starting that now.

Meanwhile, there is a team in the NFC North that has massive questions at quarterback. When the Chicago Bears took Mitchell Trubisky with the No. 2 pick in the 2017 NFL Draft, it was a tremendous risk. He was a one-year starter with enticing physical tools but he still had much to prove. Through one year under John Fox and now 1.5 years under Matt Nagy, what Trubisky has proven is that he’s not the guy.

The most frustrating part about the Bears is how blatant it is that Trubiksy is the piece holding them back. The defense remains an elite unit and the playmakers around the offense are all impressive and capable of success. Though the offensive line has been playing poorly, it’s the quarterback that is exacerbating any issues they have and, more importantly, not making plays to put the team in position to win.

With Dalton’s time in Cincinnati over, why not try and trade him to the Bears at the NFL Trade Deadline? You’ll get something in return, perhaps even more valuable than the fifth-round pick listed because Dalton is a steady enough player to lead the Bears to the playoffs. It’s a move that would’ve benefitted the plight of both teams and it’s frustrating to see it hardly even discussed.