Fantasy Football Week 10: Quarterback rankings for 2-QB leagues

CARSON, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 03: Philip Rivers #17 of the Los Angeles Chargers looks to pass the ball during the second half of a game against the Green Bay Packers at Dignity Health Sports Park on November 03, 2019 in Carson, California. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images)
CARSON, CALIFORNIA - NOVEMBER 03: Philip Rivers #17 of the Los Angeles Chargers looks to pass the ball during the second half of a game against the Green Bay Packers at Dignity Health Sports Park on November 03, 2019 in Carson, California. (Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images) /

Fantasy Football Week 10 presents a bevy of challenges for 2-QB leagues. There are a ton of teams on bye and lots of turnover at quarterback. We rank the starters top to bottom.

Out with the old, in with the…other old. Nick Foles will be reinserted as the Jacksonville Jaguars’ starting quarterback following the Jaguars’ bye. As Andy Dalton gets pushed to the side for a potentially promising rookie, Jacksonville announces the opposite plan.

Cam Newton was also placed on IR, turning the remainder of Carolina’s season over to Kyle Allen for better or worse. Speaking of Allen, there were three Allens worthy of starting at quarterback in SuperFLEX leagues in Week 9: Kyle Allen, Josh Allen, and Brandon Allen. Brandon just outpaced Brian Hoyer for 15th place last week. Hoyer may get another chance this week if QB Tiers favorite Jacoby Brissett can’t go.

But with Hoyer potentially in, Matt Moore is potentially out, as many expect Patrick Mahomes to return to the lineup for Fantasy Football Week 10. And of course, we get a rested Drew Brees after his brief return before the New Orleans bye and Matt Ryan back after a Week 8 absence and the bye in Week 9.

The quarterback carousel continues to twirl even this late in the season. So who’s the best quarterback play in Fantasy Football Week 10? We’ve got your exclusive rankings right here.

Two brothers from New York, Dan Salem and Todd Salem, debate Fantasy Football Week 10 in today’s NFL Sports Debate.

Fantasy Football Week 10 – The Top 12

Lamar Jackson (TIE – Dan’s Ranking: 1, Todd’s Ranking: 2), Drew Brees (TIE – Dan: 2, Todd: 1), Patrick Mahomes (Dan: 5, Todd: 3), Aaron Rodgers (Dan: 6, Todd: 4), Jared Goff (Dan: 4, Todd: 9), Josh Allen (TIE – Dan: 3, Todd: 11), Kyler Murray (TIE – Dan: 7, Todd: 7), Dak Prescott (Dan: 10, Todd: 5), Jameis Winston (Dan: 8, Todd: 8), Matt Ryan (Dan: 12, Todd: 6), Matthew Stafford (TIE – Dan: 9, Todd: 12), Russell Wilson (TIE – Dan: 11, Todd: 10)

13. Philip Rivers (Dan: 13, Todd: 13)

Dan Salem: As an owner with Rivers on his roster, he has been the worst. I do like the matchup on Thursday against Oakland. He likely shines this week.
Todd Salem: Because of the matchup, Rivers is a borderline top-12 guy this week. But he has sneakily been one of the most inconsistent fantasy quarterbacks in the league. Four weeks of 20+ points, four weeks of 12 or fewer, including a 6-point stinker.

14. Ryan Tannehill (Dan: 14, Todd: 14)

Dan Salem: The Chiefs defense present a solid opportunity for fantasy dominance by Tannehill. He has the Titans playing very well.
Todd Salem: Tannehill continues to impress. In three starts, including two against pretty good defenses, he’s accumulated 20, 19 and 25 fantasy points, respectively.

15. TIE – Daniel Jones (Dan: 15, Todd: 16)

Dan Salem: The Jets defense could cause him fits. It could take him off his game. Yet its not going to. Jones exploits all of the injury replacements on the Jets and has a great day.
Todd Salem: There was an alternate universe where this Jones/Darnold Week 10 matchup was something to behold. Now it’s just to see who can turn the ball over less. At least Jones can add 4-6 points with his legs if he’s throwing oodles of picks.

15. TIE – Kirk Cousins (Dan: 16, Todd: 15)

Dan Salem: Cousins is annoying, but he can do very well against Dallas. Its time for another big game from Kirk.
Todd Salem: He’s become as boring to rank in two-QB leagues as he is to own in fantasy. He never feels close to a top-12 guy, but you’re always going to roll with him even as the Minnesota opponents toughen up.

17. Derek Carr (Dan: 19, Todd: 17)

Dan Salem: Carr scares me on Thursday night, especially against Los Angeles. The Chargers just held Aaron Rodgers in check, so all bets are now off.
Todd Salem: The more boring version of Cousins, Carr continues his steady play. He gets a tougher matchup this week before a nice spot in Week 11.

18. Ryan Fitzpatrick (Dan: 17, Todd: 20)

Dan Salem: How long will the magic last? At least another week with the Colts on the schedule. They appear more vulnerable and Miami is riding its high.
Todd Salem: The Dolphins aren’t exactly good or even adequate at this point. But they feel frisky in recent weeks. And Fitzpatrick has put together three solid weeks in a row despite occasionally facing really good defenses.

19. TIE – Baker Mayfield (Dan: 18, Todd: 21)

Dan Salem: Mayfield is due for another great game and Buffalo has shown many chinks in its armor lately. I’m not saying the Browns win, but Mayfield will play well.
Todd Salem: I wanted to see a little improvement as Mayfield traverses a tough stretch of defenses that doesn’t get any easier. We saw just that; a little improvement.

19. TIE – Brian Hoyer (Dan: 21, Todd: 18)

Dan Salem: Hoyer should fall into 15 fantasy points against Miami. Its pretty much a given.
Todd Salem: If Brissett returns, I could see moving the Indianapolis quarterback up at least three spots in these rankings. Regardless, Hoyer is usable this week against Miami.

21. Jimmy Garoppolo (Dan: 22, Todd: 19)

Dan Salem: Tough matchup in primetime for Garoppolo. The Seahawks have been playing great defense, so I’m wary of his numbers this week.
Todd Salem: We have to give Jimmy G credit for taking advantage of his opponent. He had his best game of the season against his worst defensive opponent. That doesn’t mean he’s a different guy moving forward. I expect scoring back to normal this week. Garoppolo throwing the ball 37 times is not in San Francisco’s game plan.

22. Sam Darnold (Dan: 20, Todd: 22)

Dan Salem: There isn’t a better matchup for Darnold, except who he played last week. Against Miami, Darnold didn’t play well, but got okay fantasy numbers. He’ll do at worst the same versus the Giants.
Todd Salem: My beautiful Darnold plan has crashed and burned. He is playing terrible football even against the easiest stretch of defenses a quarterback could hope for. Nevertheless, he has to be utilized again this week because of that easy opponent and the likelihood that he reaches a salvageable 12-15 points.

23. TIE – Kyle Allen (Dan: 23, Todd: 24)

Dan Salem: If Green Bay bounces back, then Allen is in for a long day. But maybe he gets Carolina’s defense moving.
Todd Salem: There are six teams on bye this week. I am not starting Ryan Finley in his first game. Nor do I allow myself to turn back to Mitchell Trubisky under any circumstances. Rudolph and Allen are it. The end of the line.

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23. TIE – Mason Rudolph (Dan: 24, Todd: 23)

Dan Salem: I’m not sure which Rams defense will show up, and that will determine how much success Rudolph can have this week.
Todd Salem: See Allen above.