Chicago Bears: 5 Major takeaways from Week 10 win vs. Lions

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Trubisky performed better but still had some of his struggles on display

Mitchell Trubisky needed a game that resulted in a win. He’s had some decent games that ultimately resulted in losses. Just like the Washington game in Week 3, he had an opportunity to cure what ailed him.

Well, he did have some positives in this game, but he also showed aspects of his game that caused struggles.

When you boil it down Trubisky had three good drives out of 12. As I mentioned earlier, the drives didn’t have to result in touchdowns. Trubisky just had to have fewer three-and-outs. This was a struggling defense that had key players out. Also, the offense had its leader out as well.

This was a game that should have been a blowout. Yes, they won and that’s all that matters, but when you look at the big picture, was this a performance that pulls out a win against any of the remaining opponents on the schedule?

This game basically encapsulates everything about Trubisky — he shows some frustratingly poor play followed by some pinpoint passing. When you see him throw great passes you get the feeling that he’s the man you need. Then he reverts to the guy who cannot make a simple out route pass and who takes too long to make decisions.

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Trubisky got the monkey off his back with this game. He got the win and ended the losing streak. He still needs to be a lot more consistent. Hopefully, the win gives him back some of the confidence the losing streak took from him. He needs to build on this, though, and he still needs some improvement.