Chicago Bears: 6 Players who likely won’t return in 2020

Chicago Bears, NFL Draft (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)
Chicago Bears, NFL Draft (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images) /
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Photo by Elsa/Getty Images
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Prince Amukamara, Cornerback

Part of the reason the Chicago Bears brought Prince Amukamara was to mentor Kyle Fuller. He did a great job of doing that, as Fuller bloomed with him. Amukamara even had a great 2018 season. After recording just one interception in three seasons, he picked off three passes last season.

This season, however, he again has no interceptions. He’s been burned on too many occasions and has younger players behind him eager to play. Additionally, he’ll be 31 next season.

The younger players behind Amukamara are Duke Shelley and Kevin Toliver. I think the Bears have the two fight it out for the top spot and have the loser of the battle play in a backup role.

The Bears save a pretty penny if they part ways with Amukamara. If they do cut him, they save themselves $8 million. That adds to the team’s chest and helps them make moves in free agency.

His teammates have looked at Amukamara as one of the team’s leaders. He has no problem with saying things to the media and taking cover for the other players. He’s gone out and publicly supported Trubisky during his troubles.

Amukamara was recently asked if the defense is losing confidence in Trubisky. If people feel there is a defense vs. offense situation in the locker room, they’re mistaken as Amukamara said this, per Bears Wire:

"One hundred percent Mitch is our captain, Mitch is our leader. I mean, for whatever reason, it might seem like (the offense is) coming off a slow start or whatever, but we have full faith in the offense."

If the Bears replace Amukamara, it’ll be tough to replace his leadership. There are enough players on the roster, however, who could do that.