NFL Week 11, 2019: 5 Coaches on the hot seat

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1. Pat Shurmur

As previously mentioned, Pat Shurmur can use the argument that Daniel Jones being a rookie should mean the New York Giants should get some benefit of the doubt for some of the struggles in 2019.

But also, the Giants need to make a tough decision over whether Shurmur is the right choice for the team in the long run, or it could slow down Jones from reaching his true potential.

New York seemed to be on their way to becoming a surprise contender in the NFC when Jones took over the starting role at quarterback by winning two games in a row, which unfortunately was the last time the Giants recorded a win.

Like most rookies, Jones has seen plenty of ups and downs throughout his first NFL season, but also there have been a few occasions in which the Giants missed out on opportunities to win a few key games.

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Similar to the situation with the Cincinnati Bengals and Zac Taylor, the Giants will most likely prefer to keep Shurmur around to see what kind of steps the team can make in 2020 with Jones having some experience under his belt.

Until then, however, the pressure will be on Shurmur during this final stretch to show he is, in fact, the right man for the job with the Giants as head coach.