Colin Kaepernick: Ranking 11 teams attending workout as landing spots

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8. Detroit Lions

First off, the Detroit Lions are never going to replace Matthew Stafford as long as he’s healthy enough to be the starter since the argument can be made he’s one of the toughest quarterbacks in the league with all of the brutal hits taken each game.

But since the Lions will be attending Saturday’s workout with Kaepernick, it only seems fair to discuss them as well along with every other team.

Due to a back injury, Stafford was forced to miss the team’s Week 10 contest against the Chicago Bears, and while Jeff Driskel wasn’t terrible, there was obviously room for improvement.

Even if some will make the case that Driskel would have been better if he ended up preparing all week to be the starter, all the Lions really care about is making sure the offense is in the best shape possible when it comes to the quarterback position beyond Stafford.

No one needs to explain to Detroit just how important of a piece Stafford is to this offense, and it’s somewhat of a shame to consider how this team could arguably be in better shape for the playoffs if a few games had gone their way, including last Sunday to the Bears.