NFL Week 11: Ranking the best games to watch on Sunday

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3. Rams vs. Bears

In a game that can be best described as two teams on the verge of hitting desperation mode for wins within the NFC, the Los Angeles Rams will host the Chicago Bears to end the Sunday slate of games.

After both teams each won their respected division titles last season, the Rams and Bears have plenty of work to do during this final stretch just to have a fighting chance at a Wild Card spot.

All due respect to Chicago, but Los Angeles seems to be the bigger disappointment at the moment as defending NFC champions since this team went all-in last season to put them in the best position possible to win the Super Bowl.

The Rams knew the pressure would be on in 2019 after seeing how things played out last winter, but no one expected Los Angeles to be struggling this much.

Looking at the struggles surrounding the offensive line that were on display last weekend against the Pittsburgh Steelers, one can only imagine how much the Rams are going to struggle when taking on the elite defense in the Bears Sunday night.

Knowing Khalil Mack, the star Chicago defender could be in for a field day in the sack department.