2019 NFL picks, score predictions for Week 12

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New York Giants (2-8) at Chicago Bears (4-6)

Sunday, November 24, 1PM ET

Doing NFL picks is awful when it comes to deciding which of two awful teams is going to stick it up more on a Sunday afternoon. Both of these teams have been dumpster fires down the stretch, which makes determining a winner all the more like throwing darts while blindfolded.

At this moment, my heart is telling me to go with the New York Giants. I have much more faith in their offense and Daniel Jones, who has shown well this season despite some rookie hiccups. Meanwhile, his counterpart Mitchell Trubisky has been a complete disaster for the Chicago Bears. There’s no way he’s going to muster enough offense to keep up with the G-Men.

Yes, the Bears have the better defense. And yet, that hasn’t helped them much in recent weeks with the Chicago offense coming to a screeching halt. There just isn’t enough production or time of possession from the Bears offense, which puts too much pressure on their defense to carry the entire load. Hence, the Giants get the nod.

With all of this said, I will throw out one important caveat: this is all under the assumption that Trubisky starts. If Chase Daniel gets the start (for one reason or another), I believe the Bears will come away victorious. If Trubisky is under center, though, expect further failure for Chicago.

Prediction: Giants win 21-10