Chicago Bears: 5 Veteran quarterbacks who could replace Mitch Trubisky in 2020

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1. Tom Brady, New England Patriots

Okay, this is a longshot. Tom Brady and the New England Patriots are etched together in every football fan’s mind. Thinking of them separated is unthinkable. The fact of the matter is that there have been reports of Brady being frustrated with the Patriots, specifically head coach Bill Belichick.

Technically, Brady has two years left on his deal. When he reworked his contract, however, those two years automatically void when he finishes out this season. Also, the deal prohibits the Patriots from placing the franchise or transition tag on him. That makes him a free agent at the end of the season.

Many feel that Brady seriously wants to prove that his success is because of Belichick and his system. People point out the 2008 season when he missed all but the first game of the season with a knee injury. Despite not making the playoffs, the Patriots finished the season 11-5, still a strong season. That makes Belichick believe that he could win without Brady, a quarterback many people feel is the best in NFL history.

With all the speculation about Brady leaving New England, the campaign to soften the blow if it does happen is underway. Neil Greenberg of the Boston Globe recently wrote an article talking about how much Brady’s play is no longer elite and he is hurting the Patriots offense.

"Brady, remarkably, appears to be at the heart of the team’s offensive futility… Brady, who turned 42 in August, has been trending down for a few seasons… Alex Guerrero, Brady’s personal trainer, has speculated that the quarterback might play until he is 46 or 47. But if the current trends continue in these many metrics, it’s clear the 14-time Pro Bowler and three-time NFL MVP will be done much sooner than that."

I’m sure that more of these types of articles will pop up, especially after the season ends. Brady wants to show that he could still win a Super Bowl despite not being in New England. In order to do that, he’d have to go to a team that is close to winning. One of those teams is the Chicago Bears.

Yes, the Bears have offensive line woes. However, they’ll fix some of that in the offseason. Also, Brady hasn’t had the best offensive lines over his career yet found a way to get the ball to his receivers. He is able to get rid of the ball quickly, avoiding sacks. He also is an accurate thrower, helping the receiver make a play without needing to make a difficult catch.

With Brady, the Bears could keep Trubisky. If Pace feels he just needs more seasoning, there’s no better person to learn under than Brady. Yes, Brady felt enough pressure from Joe Garoppolo that some think he engineered his trade to San Francisco, but he’d know that going to another team he won’t be the longtime answer.

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He’ll be 43 years old next season so he’d be an asset for two or three seasons. When Trubisky is ready to go, Brady can step aside and his legacy could include mentoring a young quarterback and turning his career around.

Yes, this is a dream. Many cannot think of having Brady play for anyone else, but it has happened. If the Chicago Bears want to greatly improve their chances of competing late into January they should do whatever it takes to sign him. He wants to go to a team that could help him get a non-Patriots title and the Bears are the best-equipped team to make that happen.