10 Teams that should trade for Nick Foles in 2020 if Jaguars stick with Gardner Minshew

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If the Jacksonville Jaguars decide to stick with Gardner Minshew in 2020, here are 10 teams that should reach out over a potential trade for Nick Foles.

Unfortunately, the Jacksonville Jaguars found a way to hit a new low in 2019 following an embarrassing 28-11 loss to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in which Nick Foles was even benched in the game for Gardner Minshew.

From Doug Marrone’s perspective, it was easy to understand the decision by the head coach since the Jaguars couldn’t get anything going on offense, but also this brings up a new topic of what the future in Jacksonville could look like under center.

After making the decision to move on from Blake Bortles last offseason, the Jaguars felt confident enough in rewarding Foles with a hefty four-year contract that could potentially end up being worth around $102 million when it was all said and done.

One can only imagine how different the circumstances would have been this season if the former Super Bowl MVP didn’t suffer a broken left clavicle back in Week 1. And with Marrone announcing on Monday that Minshew will be the starter heading into Week 14, it’s tough not to wonder what the future holds for Foles with the Jaguars.

Obviously, this could be viewed as one of those situations in which Jacksonville realizes their 2019 season is over, and it’s better to be safe than sorry by resting Foles, but also what happens if Minshew appears to be the better option in the long run?

The NFL has seen this situation numerous times over the years, and while this would obviously feel like a slap in the face for Foles, at least the contract he signed has just over $50 million guaranteed.

Considering a trade involving Foles during the 2020 offseason seems like an absolute long shot at this point for the Jaguars since there is no guarantee that Minshew will end up being the quarterback Jacksonville needs to return to the level of legitimate contender.

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But since there are plenty of teams with quarterback questions heading into 2020, it only seems fair to look at 10 potential teams that should reach out to the Jaguars if they decide down the road to trade Foles to make way for Minshew.