Chicago Bears: 3 Observations from Week 15 loss to Packers

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Chicago Bears vs Green Bay Packers
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The Chicago Bears went to Green Bay to face their hated rivals, the Packers. They came away with a loss and now officially won’t make the playoffs.

Well, we knew it was a longshot but it still hurt when it happened. The Chicago Bears went to Green Bay to face the hated Packers and left with another frustrating loss. Just as the Bears did to them last season, the Packers’ win helped eliminate the Bears from playoff contention.

The Bears went down 21-13 and it went down to the wire with a crazy lateral-filled play that fell two yards short of the end zone. It was, however, a game the Bears could have won with a couple of plays ending differently.

Again, this was a frustrating loss with plays that would’ve changed momentum going against the Bears. There was a penalty called that shouldn’t have been called and an incompletion that was infuriatingly close that went against Chicago.

The offense again displayed the aspect that played a big part in all of their losses — starting off slow and not getting hot until the Bears were on the verge of getting blown out. When the offense starts off decently, they usually win.

With the Bears officially out of the playoff hunt, it might be time to look at players who haven’t played much to see if they can contribute more in 2020. Players like wide receivers Riley Ridley and Javon Wims, linebacker Joel Iyiegbuniwe and cornerback Duke Shelley should get more playing time for evaluation.

I don’t think they should play the majority of the games remaining (though is that really a bad thing?), but with nothing on the line except pride, the coaches need to get an idea of how they handle the play during games.

For now, though, let’s go over my observations from the Week 15 loss in Green Bay.