Fantasy Football, NFL Playoffs 2020: Rankings for every position

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The NFL regular season is over, but fantasy football fanatics are gearing up for playoff fantasy football. Let our rankings be your guide.

Playoff fantasy football continues to grow in popularity with each passing year. Scoring systems and league sizes vary from league to league, as do formats and roster settings. Some leagues and contests use multipliers so that players who make it to the Divisional Round get their fantasy point totals doubled for that particular week. Conference Championship Round point totals are tripled, and those who make the Super Bowl see their scores multiplied by four.

Still, others allow players to be swapped out after every round of the playoffs. Others don’t and lock rosters for the duration of playoffs with the kickoff of the first Saturday game on Wild Card Weekend.

For our purposes, we’ll assume the latter. We’ll also assume a 0.5 PPR scoring system, with no round multipliers. If your league format is different, use our rankings as your base, then tweak them to suit your individual league needs.

Individual player talent and opportunity continue to matter, but the best strategy for “set it and forget it” NFL Playoff Fantasy Football leagues is to load up on the best possible players from the teams most likely to go deep into the playoffs, even more so in multiplier leagues.

It’s tough to argue with the logic that players on teams who suit up for multiple games will score more points than their counterparts on “one-and-done” squads, so we began by incorporating relevant baseline assumptions into our rankings.

The resulting tiered list of teams to target are found next, followed by positional rankings.

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