Washington Redskins hiring Ron Rivera, relieving Bruce Allen raise positivity

Hiring Ron Rivera while letting Bruce Allen go are two moves that point to good things for the Washington Redskins, even if it’s with cautious optimism.

The Washington Redskins, long admonished for their decision-making in regards to the organization at large under Dan Snyder, have seemingly diverged from that path as they enter the 2020 offseason. The most recent example has seen the team hire veteran head coach and former Panthers sideline manager Ron Rivera as their next head coach.

Rivera was no unsuccessful while in Carolina, going as far as taking the Panthers to Super Bowl 50, a contest they dropped to the Broncos. However, bouts with inconsistency and the general struggles with personnel decisions above him led to his ousting there. Even still, his experience and success point to good things as he takes over the Redskins.

Perhaps the more critical move for Washington as a whole, however, came with Bruce Allen being relieved of his duties in the front office. With the way that Snyder and Allen have partnered together over the years, this was surely the most surprising move to be made. However, it was one that needed to happen.

Since Allen joined the franchise in 2009, the team appeared in the playoffs only twice, losing in the Wild Card Round on both occasions. Furthermore, Allen’s perpetually puzzling decision-making often culminated in poor free agency choices and spending, questionable draft picks and (perhaps the most egregious misdeed) the Robert Griffin III debacle.

Though Snyder himself has been pointed to as a problem in Washington for some time, one of the roots of the ire towards the owner has been his marriage to Allen. Nothing that Allen did with the Redskins warranted a decade-long tenure — and yet, he remained for that long.

Getting Allen out of a chair where he’s calling the shots could and should be pivotal for the Redskins turning the fortunes of the franchise. They can bring in a new face with Rivera’s input and have personnel decisions and head coaching decisions working in tandem.

Obviously things have looked good on paper in Washington previously only to come crashing down in a blaze of glory sometime later. While that may be true, things haven’t looked this good on paper for the Redskins in quite some time.

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Because it’s this team and this owner still, there is always reason to exercise caution as a fan. But there is more optimism with that trepidation than previously present, which is refreshing to see.

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