Chicago Bears: 6 Free agent targets to pursue in 2020 offseason

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Chicago Bears head coach Matt Nagy

Chicago Bears (Photo by Stephen Maturen/Getty Images)

In order for the Chicago Bears to improve for the 2020 season, they need to pick up some veteran free agents. Here are some possible targets.

The Chicago Bears had a disappointing 2019 season. They expected a Super Bowl run but didn’t even make the playoffs. Now they have the job of improving the roster so they can do in 2020 that they weren’t able to do this past season.

One of the ways to do that is through free agency. This may be a little expensive but if done correctly general manager Ryan Pace and the rest of the front office can find good talent at a good value.

Yes, the draft is important. The team will find talent there as well. However, there are certain positions in which a veteran free agent helps more than just a prospect.

One example of that is at offensive line. A solid, dependable lineman is a priority for the Bears. Sure, they’ll probably find someone in the draft, but the veteran can jump right in while the prospect adds good depth.

Depth is something the Bears didn’t have along the line in 2019. When Kyle Long and Bobby Massie went down there weren’t enough bodies backing up who could step up. Ted Larsen was injured and Rashaad Coward wasn’t an effective starter.

Without Massie at right tackle, the Bears gave up running that side. For the season, the Bears ran 674 times up the middle, 569 times to the left, and just 226 times to the right.

There should be plenty of free agents available to help the Bears. There will be cuts to make to free up some salary cap so the team can pursue their targets. Additionally, the salary cap likely rises about $10 million so that helps as well.

This is an important offseason for the Chicago Bears. They need to have a successful 2020 or Pace and other team officials could find themselves unemployed. They had another important offseason in 2018 and they did well. They ended up with a 12-4 record. Now they have to replicate that in 2020.

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