NFL Notebook, Divisional Round: Predictions, Titans magic, LSU and more

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Reluctant predictions for the Conference Championships, Titans magic is alive, LSU’s National Championship Game win and more in the NFL Notebook.

I really don’t like making predictions. Everything, especially in football (and these 2020 NFL Playoffs, in particular), is so unpredictable. When someone asks me who is going to win, I don’t know. No one knows.

We can guess, we can research, but at the end of the day, no one knows the future. That’s why making them can be so tedious.

For example, which version of Kansas City will show up on Sunday? The unfocused team that lets Houston score 21 points in the first quarter, or the dominant team that rips off 41 unanswered points?

I don’t care about making predictions, I care about watching good football. Unfortunately, most people drool over predictions, so they’ll be in here this week, and next week, and probably the week after that.

This year’s postseason has been especially hard to predict. I feel like “craziness” has been the theme of the playoffs, right? I can’t think of a better, wilder postseason than this one. It’s got it all.

There’s been shocking upsets, major comebacks, awesome catches (finally) and the end of a dynasty (possibly). I can’t even imagine what else is in store for the NFL’s 100th season. At least we know what’s in store for my NFL Notebook this week.

  • My reluctant predictions for the Conference Championship games *sigh*
  • I revisit what makes the Titans plow through the playoffs
  • A player at every position I’d start a franchise with\
  • Another wide receiver to swoon about in this year’s draft class
  • Thoughts on the College Football National Championship
  • Memorable weekly awards and more

But first, who I think could possibly, maybe, most likely reach the Super Bowl.

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