NFL Playoffs 2020: 20 Bold predictions for Conference Championships

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Here are 20 bold predictions for football fans to consider heading into the Conference Championships of the 2020 NFL Playoffs.

After two weeks of exciting action from the 2020 NFL Playoffs, one can only imagine what the Conference Championships will have in store for football fans on Sunday.

While the Kansas City Chiefs will be looking for revenge on the Tennessee Titans from November during the regular season in the AFC Championship, the Green Bay Packers will be doing the same for the NFC Championship when taking on the San Francisco 49ers.

Originally, the Chiefs seemed like they would be heading towards a championship battle against the Baltimore Ravens or New England Patriots since they were two of the favorites in the AFC, but the Titans decided to crash the party with two epic wins on the road.

Meanwhile, no one should really be all that surprised over what will be taking place in the NFC since the 49ers and Packers were both fortunate to earn the top two seeds in the playoff picture.

With trips to Super Bowl LIV down in Miami on the line, it’s safe to assume the two Conference Championships scheduled for Sunday will live up to the hype for football fans since this happens to be one of the most exciting sports weekends of the year.

Even though there are only two games scheduled for Sunday, there’s still plenty to discuss leading up to the contests.

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So to help prepare for what should be another exciting weekend of NFL football if the last two weekends are any indication, here are some bold predictions to take into consideration for the Conference Championships.

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