2020 NFL Mock Draft: Dolphins, Panthers trade up in 3-round projection

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2020 NFL Mock Draft

NFL Mock Draft (Photo by Jamie Squire/Getty Images)

The Miami Dolphins and Carolina Panthers shake up this 2020 NFL Mock Draft by trading up in the first round for quarterbacks to kick off a 3-round projection.

Super Bowl LIV is now in the rearview and the Kansas City Chiefs now enter the 2020 NFL offseason at the top of the league’s hierarchy. Patrick Mahomes has lived up to his anointed place as the future of the NFL and it’s now all about the other 31 teams in the league finding the ways to catch up to the Chiefs, be it through free agency or the 2020 NFL Draft.

But as we now are in a post-Super Bowl LIV world, the Chiefs join the other teams in the league in needing to improve heading into next season. They also are among the teams that have tough decisions to make as there figures to be a boatload of moving parts — big moving parts — in free agency this offseason.

Whether it’s the Dallas Cowboys and their decisions with Dak Prescott and Amari Cooper, where Tom Brady and Philip Rivers land in free agency, or even what players like Yannick Ngakoue and Chris Jones do in free agency, the dominoes that are set to fall in the next few months, will have a big effect on the 2020 NFL Draft.

Because we can only project and not 100 percent correctly predict the future, however, we’re going to venture into the first post-Super Bowl 2020 NFL Mock Draft — and the first 2020 NFL Mock Draft here that goes through the full first two days of the draft — with what we do know now in terms of needs and how things could play out.

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Subsequently, we could see a hectic top 10 of the 2020 NFL Draft. With some elite quarterback prospects at play and a boatload of teams in need of help and stability at the position, trades could be coming down the pipeline in a fast and furious manner come April 23. So we’ve got plenty of trade action here.

Taking all of that into account, we kick off this 2020 NFL Mock Draft with the Cincinnati Bengals on the clock at No. 1. (Note: This mock was compiled using The Draft Network Premium.)

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