Denver Broncos build around Drew Lock in 7-round 2020 mock draft

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Denver Broncos, NFL Draft (Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images)

The Denver Broncos were nothing more than fine this past season but the future is bright and gets brighter around Drew Lock in this 7-round 2020 mock draft.

The Denver Broncos knew there would be a fair amount of turnover and transition that they would have to deal with coming into the 2019 season. The Broncos brought in a new head coach with a defensive mindset in Vic Fangio. Given that and changes at quarterback, it was an interesting picture starting being painted but one that didn’t take full shape as the 2020 NFL Draft now approaches.

Fangio’s defensive mindset and style still have yet to take effect on his team, particularly at linebacker. The Broncos only having one real standout linebacker, Alexander Johnson. That’s something that Denver can now look to address in Fangio’s second draft.

Denver’s defense was also missing a second cornerback for most of the season. Chris Harris Jr. is a premier corner in the league but, outside of him, there was nobody else. Bryce Callahan was supposed to be the guy next to Harris but he was constantly hurt. Luckily for the Broncos, there is some good defensive back talent in this draft as well.

As for the offensive side of the ball, Denver started three quarterbacks in the 2019 season. Joe Flacco began the season at the helm after landing with the Broncos via offseason trade. Then, in came longtime back up Brandon Allen to play for the injured Flacco. But after he finally got healthy, it was Drew Lock‘s time to shine.

The Broncos picked up Lock last year in the second round of the NFL Draft with some high hopes as a developmental quarterback prospect with a ton of tools. Lock had his highs and lows once he took over as the starter, as most rookies do. But one thing that hindered his play is his lack of offensive weapons.

Rookie tight end Noah Fant was developing and wide receiver Courtland Sutton was the only real standout at wide receiver as Emmanuel Sanders had already been traded by the time Lock took over the offense. Fant shined with Lock and Sutton had a breakout year but the depth of pass-catchers was lacking severely.

So how can John Elway, Fangio and the Broncos answer these questions in the 2020 NFL Draft? Using The Draft Network’s mock draft machine, we’ll go through all seven rounds and pick the player that makes the most sense for Denver. I will also show the other players that could have been drafted or were available at that pick.

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