Ranking every NFL team’s offensive supporting cast post-draft

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Now that the 2020 NFL Draft is over, let’s look at each team’s offense to determine which quarterback has the best supporting cast in the league.

Following the 2020 NFL Draft, we finally have a clear picture of how every team’s offense is going to look. Several teams acquired their franchise quarterback during the draft, while others stocked up on weaker areas at running back and wide receiver with the incredibly deep rookie class. We even had a few draft days trades that sent Trent Williams to San Francisco, Matt Breida to Miami, and Marquise Goodwin to Philadelphia.

However, the biggest storyline of the draft may have been the teams that didn’t give their quarterback the necessary weapons on offense despite the talented pool. Yes, I am talking about the Packers. Social media was abuzz this past week regarding how Green Bay failed to provide Aaron Rodgers any wide receivers in this draft, instead electing to draft a backup quarterback, third-string running back, and tight end/fullback with their first three picks.

However, they weren’t the only ones mocked for their decision-making. Philadelphia received some criticism for drafting Jalen Hurts in the second round despite having recently extended Carson Wentz; given how decimated Wentz’s receiving corp was last season, this pick was certainly an oddity. New England also failed to grab any wide receivers in this draft, which surprised many given their extensive draft capital and that being one of the reasons Tom Brady left Foxborough.

So which teams truly belong at the bottom of the rankings for helping their quarterback the least? And can the newly-loaded Buccaneers surpass the Chiefs for the best offense in the league? I’m going to take a look at every team’s skill position players and break them down to find the answer.

I will break out the rankings into four evenly-weighted parts: running back, wide receiver, tight end, and offensive line. For the purposes of this exercise, I am going to exclude quarterbacks; not only would that incredibly skew the rankings, but it doesn’t show what you all came to see. How much should Aaron Rodgers complain?

Before we get started, I have two things to note. First, I am not giving out perfect scores; even though some teams are so stacked in one area it seems as if they deserve it, there is no unit that is ever perfect. Second, before you get mad at the overall score, see why I knocked some teams. A franchise can have one of the top running back and wide receiver units in the league, but field an offensive line and tight end group that is subpar.

So, as I prepare myself for a bevy of negative comments, let’s start from the bottom and see which quarterback has the best supporting cast in the league following the NFL draft.