Cleveland Browns: 3 Dream trade targets from Cowboys before 2020 training camp

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Cleveland Browns (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns (Photo by Richard Rodriguez/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns could benefit from acquiring one of a few key players from the Dallas Cowboys before 2020 training camp arrives.

Around this time last year, there was plenty of hype surrounding the Cleveland Browns to emerge as a Super Bowl contender in the AFC, which obviously didn’t happen after the team would end up winning just six games.

Meanwhile, the Dallas Cowboys were expected to be a Super Bowl contender in the other conference as well before the team failed to take advantage of all the injuries surrounding the Philadelphia Eagles by finishing second in the NFC East.

Entering the 2020 season, both the Browns and Cowboys hope to live up to the high expectations this time around thanks to a successful last couple of months that consisted of numerous changes, including two new head coaches.

But of course, just like every other team across the NFL, there is always room for both Cleveland and Dallas to improve before the official start of training camp, especially for the Browns since they will arguably be facing more pressure due to what took place last season.

In fact, if Cleveland really wanted to find another way to improve their current roster, they would take a look at potential trade options, whether it happens to be from Dallas or another team open to hearing offers.

Focusing on the Cowboys, if the Browns were, in fact, hoping to pull off some sort of surprise trade before camp arrives in a few months, here are some dream targets that immediately come to mind.

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Also, keep in mind that as much as certain players like Ezekiel Elliott or Amari Cooper would be obvious choices, for the sake of being realistic, these individuals have been ruled out.