NFL Uniforms 2020, Power Rankings: Good, bad and ugly following offseason changes

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NFL uniforms 2020 (Photo by Carmen Mandato/Getty Images)

There were several new NFL uniforms introduced for the 2020 season, so it’s time to rank all 32 teams in these NFL uniform power rankings.

This offseason saw a whole lot of changes happening to the NFL uniforms. There were seven teams that made some tweaks to their looks, with some being more drastic than others.

Teams such as the Indianapolis Colts made a small tweak to the numbering whereas other teams such as the Atlanta Falcons went for a complete overhaul.

Other changes included the Cleveland Browns, Los Angeles Chargers, Los Angeles Rams and Tampa Bay Buccaneers turning back the clock. And of course, the reviews were mixed on all of these changes — with the throwback teams getting most of the love.

With all that being said, we dive into our 2020 NFL Uniforms Power Rankings, starting with a team that didn’t really get things right with their alterations this offseason.


Atlanta Falcons

It’s hard to find anyone that made more of a mess of their uniform reveal than the Atlanta Falcons did this offseason. First, they had their jerseys leaked which forced them into an early release which was bad. What was worse was the fact that the horrendous uniforms that were leaked were the real thing.

Whoever was in charge of changing the Falcons jerseys was probably really into two things — the XFL and FUBU. Atlanta’s white and black jerseys look like something that belongs in the Vince McMahon-led league, not in the NFL. As for the red gradient that fades from red to black, that screams of 1990s nightmares.

What’s most frustrating is all they had to do was go back to their retro look, much like many of the others did this year. The all-black 90s jersey worn by Deion Sanders back in the day were perfect. What they have now, is not.

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