5 Dallas Cowboys who could come out of retirement and play today

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Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

Last season Jason Witten ended his retirement to return to the NFL. What other Dallas Cowboys players would it be fun to see make a return to the field?

It didn’t have the fairytale ending he hoped it would, but Jason Witten made headlines when he decided to come out of his one-year retirement and return to the Dallas Cowboys in 2019. He wasn’t the same player he was early in his career but fans got to enjoy one more season of watching him play with the star on his helmet — although now he will be playing for the Raiders which is just going to be weird.

Witten isn’t the first player to decide to end his retirement and return to the field and he surely won’t be the last. While it doesn’t happen often for Dallas players, it wouldn’t be terrible to see a few former players come back and lace up their cleats for one more season.

Here we look at five former Cowboys players who would be able to com back and play today if they were called upon.

Honorable Mention: Terrell Owens, Wide Receiver

No, Terrell Owens isn’t coming back. He’s 46 years old and the game has passed him, but he surely would consider it should a team give him a chance.

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In fact, Owens was making a pitch to the San Francisco 49ers just two seasons ago to return. They obviously didn’t take him up on the offer but he was 44 at the time and believed he could still contribute.

Owens played for 15 seasons in the NFL with the 49ers, Eagles, Bengals, and Bills. He spent three seasons with Dallas where he was as explosive off the field as he was on it.

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