3 Most overhyped Dallas Cowboys in 2020

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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys (Photo by Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images)

These three players are expected to do big things for the Dallas Cowboys, but there’s a chance we could be overhyping them a bit

Every NFL fan is guilty of overhyping someone on their favorite team. For Dallas Cowboys fans, there have been several examples of this.

Personally, I remember thinking the signing of Eddie George was going to pay huge dividends and that the Cowboys were going to look like geniuses for making that move. This ended up backfiring on them as George averaged 3.3 yards per attempt and had just 432 yards on the season.

There were more recent examples, such as when fans convinced themselves their receiver-by-committee approach in 2018 was going to work. Allen Hurns, Tavon Austin, Michael Gallup (a rookie at the time), and Cole Beasley were going to get it done. A narrator’s voice can be overheard now simply saying — they did not get it done.

Now looking ahead to 2020, there are some players who are on the roster that are expected to do big things this season, but might not. Here we look at three names of players in Dallas that might be a bit overhyped this year.

Notable omission: Aldon Smith, EDGE

Aldon Smith is mentioned here but didn’t make the top-three for most overhyped players because I don’t think he’s being overhyped by the fans. Most fans are understanding that he’s been out of the game for more than four years and that means anything he can do will be a bonus.

The problem is, the front office might be overhyping him a little. Dallas lost a lot in free agency when Robert Quinn left and they did very little to replace him. Outside of Smith, they drafted Bradlee Anae and will be getting Tyrone Crawford back who missed the majority of 2019.

Crawford is clearly the best of the bunch but he often slides inside on third downs, meaning the staff is expecting Smith to come in and handle that role. This is playing with fire a little on their side.

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