One NFL player you forgot played for your favorite team

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NFL 2020

NFL, Tom Brady (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

As we get ready to see Tom Brady on a new team for the NFL 2020 season, we look at one player for each franchise we might have forgotten played there

Recently, Tom Brady was shown in his new uniform as the six-time Super Bowl-winning quarterback has left the New England Patriots and will be playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the 2020 NFL season. The sight is something that will take some getting used to as Brady is synonymous with the Patriots.

However, he isn’t the only big-name player who will be wearing a uniform that just feels weird. In fact, every NFL franchise has had at least one player on their roster that just seemed out of place — much like Michael Jordan with the Washington Wizards.

When we think of Jordan, we don’t think of him wearing the Wizards uniform late in his career. Instead, we remember him winning NBA titles for the Chicago Bulls.

That could end up being the same with Brady, who hopes to have success with Tampa Bay, but he will be 43 years old this season and there’s just as much of a chance that this becomes a short-lived experience that we look back at in 20 years and question if anyone remembers the Tompa Brady era.

Having said that, Brady won’t be alone if that’s the case as we now look at all 32 teams and identify their most popular player of all-time, that you might not have remembered even suited up for anyone outside of the team they are known to be a member of.

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