Chicago Bears: 5 Reasons Mitch Trubisky wins the quarterback competition

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Chicago Bears, Mitchell Trubisky (Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images)

4. The Bears gave up a lot to draft Trubisky

Chicago Bears general manager Ryan Pace apparently fell in love with Trubisky. So much so that he famously traded key draft capital to move up one spot to pick him in the 2017 NFL Draft. The Bears traded their third (first round) 67th (third round), 111th (fourth round) in the 2017 draft, and their 70th (third round) pick of the 2018 draft.

Yes, the Bears recovered most of those picks in subsequent years, but they missed out on some pretty good players. Of course, there are comparisons between Trubisky and two other quarterbacks who experienced success. Those other quarterbacks are Deshaun Watson and the winner of the last Super Bowl, Patrick Mahomes. Until Trubisky has some success of his own, he’ll be compared negatively with the two.

With the 67th pick, the Bears could have selected Alvin Kamara. Also, the Bears traded their fourth and fifth-round picks to move up to the 112th pick to select safety Eddie Jackson at 111th. If they had the 111th pick, they wouldn’t need to trade two other picks to get him.

With the 70th pick of the 2018 draft, the Bears could have selected Orlando Brown Jr. and let go of either Charles Leno Jr. or Bobby Massie instead of signing them to big contract extensions. Brown was a Pro Bowl selection last season.

Imagine then a Chicago Bears offense with Watson throwing to Kamara and Brown anchoring the offensive line. Then imagine having extra salary cap space by not having to extend either Leno or Massie, and the extra picks to use on other players or trade bait.

Draft experts talk about how picking the wrong quarterback could set a team back years. You see in this scenario how that could happen. Because of that, the Bears want Trubisky to succeed. They’ll do whatever they can to help him.

For example, Trubisky is working with famed quarterback guru Jeff Christiansen. Christiansen helped Mahomes, Jimmy Garoppolo, Kirk Cousins, and Ryan Tannehill. All of them improved and had success after working with him.

The Bears hope that Christiansen also helps Trubisky. After all the investment in him, they want him to succeed. Heck, they need him to succeed. Whatever it takes, they’ll do.

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