No, the Washington NFL team won’t be called the Sentinels

The Washington NFL team is not going to be called the Sentinels.

There were Keanu Reeves vibes surrounding the Washington NFL team on Wednesday as rumors began swirling about the possibility of a new team name. As everyone is waiting to see what will be the first new team name in the franchise’s 87-year history, it seemed like either the Washington Sentinels or D.C. Sentinels might be in play.

Buzz about Sentinels being the new nickname began to grow when a Reddit user noticed that the same company who registered had registered As fans are desperate for any kind of answers, that started to gain buzz — even if it is the name that Reeves and his co-stars played under in the film The Replacements.

Yet, cold water was quickly poured on that notion as ESPN’s John Keim confirmed that, though he doesn’t know what the new Washington NFL team name is going to be, he knows it’s not going to be the Sentinels.

So that clears at least some of it up. But the fact that there is still nothing concrete right now about what the new team name is going to be is only going to have fans continue to grasp at straws like this moving forward.

We’re still waiting on the new name of the Washington NFL team.

To be sure, the Sentinels argument was a bit flimsy. Yes, it was registered by the same company but that doesn’t mean all that much. And putting aside the Hollywood ties too, it’s hard to believe that they would transition from Washington to D.C. in the team name as well. That’s just not smart business.

For my money, it seems as if the leaders in the clubhouse should still be either the Redtails or the Red Wolves for franchise. Both would allow them to retain their vaunted HTTR motto and both have some really interesting and, frankly, cool possibilities in terms of imagery. Though anything would be an upgrade from the racist imagery and nickname previously used.

What we know now, though, is that it won’t be the Sentinels. In terms of anything certain after that, it’s all guesswork. We’ll just have to wait and see if any other Reddit theory or otherwise is confirmed or denied moving forward.