4 Worst NFL starting quarterback situations in 2020

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Chicago Bears

NFL quarterbacks, Nick Foles (Photo by Wesley Hitt/Getty Images)

What teams have the worst starting quarterback situations heading into the 2020 NFL season?

This could quite easily and affectionately be titled “The Trevor Lawerence Sweepstakes.” Close to 90 percent of NFL teams waltzing into this season have an at-least decent outlook for their respective quarterback rooms.

A handful of teams are the beholder of sure-fire MVP candidates: the Kansas City Chiefs, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens and maybe even the Houston Texans. These teams have established and sturdy signal-callers in place in so much that the players would likely not be benched should they struggle out of the gate.

That is not the case for every team, though. Around three to six organizations are in a bonafide transitional phase at the quarterback position; some of them may not even know it yet.

Ironically, the teams with the four worst team passer ratings in 2019 will not make this list: Panthers, Steelers, Bengals and Browns. These teams utilized the recent offseason to address their quarterback maladies and seem to have done so righteously. This is not to say these four teams will scorch the earth via quarterback performance in 2020, but the dysfunction will likely be reduced.

The teams detailed in the following pages do not necessarily have “bad apples,” at the quarterback position, but their decisions in filling the quarterback position on their depth charts are suspect comparative to other organizations. Some of the situations are bleak due to the youth and uncertainty of the individual, others are generally stale. And, one entails a signal-caller who is an obvious placeholder while the heir=apparent develops.

These are the four worst quarterback situations heading in the 2020 NFL season ranked from bad to worst.

Note: All stats are via Pro Football Reference

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