Super Bowl odds: Each NFL team’s chances of winning it all

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Baltimore Ravens (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

From great to no chance at all, what are the odds each NFL team could win Super Bowl 55?

The Super Bowl is an iconic game, and it’s the desire of every team in the NFL. Each year, teams battle for 17 weeks during the regular season to have a chance at hoisting the Lombardi Trophy. It’s the greatest accomplishment a football team can achieve. This season, the field features several stacked teams hoping to steamroll the competition and avoid any upsets.

This article gives each team a percentage chance of winning the Super Bowl. Out of the 32 contenders, 11 teams didn’t register a percentage. Instead, those franchises received the “no chance” designation, which went to teams with less than a 1 percent chance.

Four teams registered at least a 10 percent chance, and those four organizations accounted for 48 percent of the odds. AFC teams totaled 44 percent while NFC teams came out on top, amassing 56 percent.

Each slide covers an entire division, with the teams appearing in alphabetical order, starting with the AFC North.

Baltimore Ravens Super Bowl chances: 12%

The Ravens know what they’re doing during the regular season. Last year, Baltimore went 14-2 and easily took the top seed in the AFC. However, the Ravens got thoroughly picked apart by the Tennessee Titans in their first playoff game. John Harbaugh is one of the NFL’s best head coaches. He needs to figure out how to get his MVP quarterback over playoff losses from the past two seasons.

If Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson exorcise their recent postseason demons, the Ravens have the league’s most complete team. The roster is nearly perfect and both coordinators are world-class. Baltimore should emerge as one of the best teams this coming season.

Cincinnati Bengals Super Bowl chances: No Chance

I’m buying as much of Joe Burrow’s stock as possible, but the Bengals aren’t ready for the big stage. Fans aren’t paying enough attention to Cincinnati’s stacked offense, but the Bengals lack star defensive personnel and are relying on too many inexperienced players. Burrow, Tee Higgins, and Jonah Williams haven’t taken any snaps during the regular season yet. That’s too many fresh faces to seamlessly transition into winning football this season.

Cleveland Browns Super Bowl chances: 1%

After their performance last year, the Browns deserve no chance at reaching the Super Bowl. However, Cleveland still possesses one of the NFL’s most talented offenses. So I decided to give them at least a chance of winning a ring. Based on Cleveland’s recent history, the Browns won’t even win ten games, but the roster structure for success is there.

Pittsburgh Steelers Super Bowl chances: 4%

The Steelers went 8-8 and narrowly missed the playoffs with Devlin Hodges and Mason Rudolph at quarterback. Ben Roethlisberger’s return elevates Pittsburgh to a playoff team and puts the organization in its best position to win a Super Bowl since the early 2010s. Even if Roethlisberger is only 75% of his old self, that’s still significantly better than either Hodges or Rudolph.

While Roethlisberger’s return makes headlines, it’s Pittsburgh’s defense that has opponents worried. In 2019, the Steelers led the NFL in sacks for the third consecutive season. The team’s secondary, usually the defense’s weakness, produced two Pro Bowlers and stands toe-to-toe with the league’s best.

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