New York Jets: What is going wrong for Gang Green in 2020?

New York Jets, Adam Gase, Sam Darnold (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images)
New York Jets, Adam Gase, Sam Darnold (Photo by Steven Ryan/Getty Images) /

Frustration is reaching a breaking point with the New York Jets after an 0-2 start.

There was a sense of preseason optimism around New York Jets training camp. Despite being handed a tough schedule, many thought the Jets would replicate a similar season to last year’s 7-9 campaign. The feeling between fans was that the Jets would be victorious in five-to-eight games, with the new crop from the draft class, helping out.

That hope continued as fans wished that excitement from the leap that Sam Darnold would fuel an eager atmosphere, as is often present in the Jets’ community before any football has played. Adam Gase‘s coaching ability was still questioned but this did not stop Jets fans from overlooking the issue as a sense positivity was flowing through the Meadowlands.

Instead, they opened the season at Buffalo and immediately struggled on offense. An opening three-and-out drive gave a sour first impression for 2020. In that game, Jets fans were tormented by Josh Allen and the Bills as the division rivals secured a 27-17 win — a score not reflective of how poorly New York performed.

Darnold’s poor performance was at the heart of this, leading to talk of the 2021 NFL Draft on social media. And Gase became an even bigger villain than he already was. There were excuses but, after a tough Week 1 loss, the positive atmosphere turned toxic.

Things didn’t improve for the Jets as they welcomed San Francisco to MetLife Stadium. Raheem Mostert ran the first 49ers offensive play to the house, setting the tone. Even with the 49ers succumbing to one injury after another, New York couldn’t find anything to hang their hat on.

Quinnen Williams notched two sacks and Mekhi Becton — the second-highest graded rookie according to PFF — continued to play well but the positives were extremely limited. And it should be noted that Darnold flashed his talent but the play-calling and lack of game-planning.

What is the root cause of the New York Jets’ problems right now?

In case you couldn’t read between the lines, the blame for the state of the New York Jets right now falls on Adam Gase. His failure in Darnold’s development, in calling plays and motivating the team, and the lack of overall leadership are all primary reasons for the fall of the Jets recently. For New York to succeed, they must do it without Gase in the building.

Gase is at the root of everything frustrating and miserable happening with the Jets right now. Sure, fans want the Johnsons to sell the team but the on-field product won’t improve them if there is a despised head coach manning the sidelines.

Jets fans entered the season with the belief that this team had potential with Darnold at the helm. Through two weeks, Gase and the front office have ruined that goodwill already. This is the worst team in the NFL through two weeks and it’s not up for much of a debate.

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The atmosphere in New York has been anything but positive, both on and off the field. It’s been a rebuilding year for far too long with Gang Green and, now that they have put talented pieces in place at key areas, they need the right leadership to actually start turning things around.