Fantasy Football: Week 5 quarterback rankings for 2-QB leagues

Fantasy football quarterback rankings in Week 5 for 2-QB and Superflex leagues.

We were without a pair of quarterbacks last week in fantasy football due to surprise bye weeks generated by positive COVID tests in Tennessee. This week, the scheduled byes begin, but who knows which other teams will be given forced weeks off.

Cam Newton still remains in COVID protocol and a teammate of his just tested positive as well. Will New England play without its star quarterback again? Will the Patriots play at all? As for the Titans, after days of being clean, more positives came about on Wednesday, putting their game with Buffalo in doubt. Fantasy leagues would then be without Ryan Tannehill again, as well as top-12 fixture Josh Allen.

For guaranteed byes, we lose some heavy hitters in Week 5: Aaron Rodgers and Matt Stafford, neither of whom has put up fewer than 17 fantasy points (depending on league settings) in any week yet this season. We have to assume everyone else is in-play at this juncture, but that could change at any moment.

Dan Salem and Todd Salem debate Fantasy Football in today’s NFL Sports Debate.

Fantasy Football QB Rankings for Week 5

Top 12: Russell Wilson, Patrick Mahomes, Dak Prescott, Lamar Jackson, Josh Allen, Kyler Murray, Ben Roethlisberger, Deshaun Watson, Matt Ryan, Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Ryan Tannehill

We’re likely to lose two of our 12 this week due to COVID, but no other player truly deserves to be elevated based on their play. Sure, we have to move guys up by default. But let’s just say that everyone ranked No. 13-22 is rather even.

13: Gardner Minshew

Todd Salem: Minshew obviously moves up if Tennessee’s game gets scratched again. Is Houston looking to make a statement this week against Jacksonville? Are they talented enough for it to matter? Minshew may not outperform Watson head-to-head, but he’s in a good spot here regardless.

Dan Salem: A sweet matchup makes Minshew enticing this week. Just know he is prone to clunkers. It feels unlikely against the Texans, but clunkers always do.

14: Cam Newton

Todd Salem: If he plays, Denver is a pretty good matchup. If he doesn’t play, no other New England quarterback should be used under any circumstances. Even those in Superflex leagues should look to find an RB or WR instead to fill in.

Dan Salem: Newton transforms the Patriots’ offense into something formidable, but it’s unlikely he plays. Have a solid backup plan at the ready.

15: Jared Goff

Todd Salem: Washington is a bad football team but the defense is better than some folks think. With Goff having an off day against the Giants, this is certainly no gimme.

Dan Salem: Goff is once again leading his team to victory while disappointing in the fantasy realm. High risk and high reward for him this week.

16: Jimmy Garoppolo

Todd Salem: We don’t yet know if he’s going to be available for this contest, but chalk it up as another Week 5 question mark. Like Newton, if he plays, he’s a very good option this week. If not, no other SF quarterback should be sniffed.

Dan Salem: Goff is once again leading his team to victory, while disappointing in the fantasy realm. High risk and high reward for him this week.

17: Ryan Fitzpatrick

Todd Salem: Keep trotting him out there as long as this streak continues. The team has shown no sign of wanting to turn to Tua Tagovailoa even if fans are begging for it. Why rush it with Fitzpatrick putting up three straight top-12 finishes?

Dan Salem: Fitzpatrick is what championship fantasy teams are made off. Keep riding him until he hits the wall. We all know it’s coming, but likely not until November.

18: Kirk Cousins

Todd Salem: Seattle is a surprisingly good matchup for the underwhelming Cousins. He actually does feel safer this week than normal, though, considering the other QBs either out or with their games in doubt.

Dan Salem: I would personally drop Cousins much farther down, because he is playing Seattle. But Cousins did have a good week last week, so perhaps he’s turned things around. Just know, the options right below him are very good.

19: Joe Burrow

Todd Salem: Three straight 300-yard games for the rookie. He’s a fixture in the top 24 rankings against any opponent.

Dan Salem: Burrow is a lock in your starting lineup. He’ll be a top 12 fixture by next season at this rate.

20: Carson Wentz

Todd Salem: There’s no one healthy left to throw to, so the Eagles cut down on the passing attempts, and Wentz even got in on the rushing action for the second straight game. Maybe cutting down the volume will also limit Wentz’s mistakes.

Dan Salem: Wentz keeps producing, but his matchup this week gets tougher. The Steelers are coming off a bye and personally I like players ranked #21 and #22 better, based on matchups alone. But Wentz has more upside, so he gets the nod at twenty.

21: Justin Herbert

Todd Salem: He was forced into the lineup out of nowhere but has shown he belongs after three games. Along with Burrow, Herbert has flipped expectations for rookie quarterbacks dealing with such an unparalleled offseason. We thought they would be way behind rookies from normal seasons; instead, they seem better.

Dan Salem: I’m all about the Herbert bandwagon. It hasn’t translated to wins, but his fantasy numbers keep improving. The Saints haven’t stopped anyone, so this is a solid matchup for the rookie.

22: Teddy Bridgewater

Todd Salem: His best game of the season followed by his best matchup to date. This removes Bridgewater from boring-veteran designation at the bottom of the rankings. He’s not a top 12 contender in standard leagues, but two-QB managers feel good about him this week.

Dan Salem: Is this a trend for Bridgewater? I believe it is and he has another good matchup this week. Don’t underestimate a player and team counted out by all pre-season.

23: Derek Carr

Todd Salem: Boring veteran status remains. There may be only one slot separating Carr from Bridgewater, but the gulf is wide. Surely Carr also feels the weight of remaining a boring veteran.

Dan Salem: Oof. This slot has to be filled and Carr is the “best” choice. He’s not doing anything special, but there simply isn’t anyone left that’s worth starting.

24: Daniel Jones

Todd Salem: If players like Newton, Tannehill, Allen, and Garoppolo don’t play, Jones has to be used this week. As it stands, he barely makes the cut because of matchup alone. If not for facing the best defenses going, I’d rather use Nick Foles or Baker Mayfield, but one would figure even Jones can do something against Dallas.

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Dan Salem: Jones would be ranked higher against the atrocious Dallas defense, if not for his own team’s shortcomings. He could dominate with fantasy numbers, or fall into oblivion. A solid player to round out the top 24.