Los Angeles Chargers: Justin Herbert deserves chance to become a franchise quarterback

After his first three career starts, Justin Herbert has proved that he’s the guy for the Los Angeles Chargers.

Anthony Lynn and the Los Angeles Chargers entered the 2020 NFL season with the plan of starting bridge-quarterback extraordinaire Tyrod Taylor before easing in rookie first-round pick Justin Herbert.  Due to the freakiest of accidents, Herbert was forced to start earlier than expected.

Herbert has more than proven he can be the Chargers, next franchise quarterback. There’s short notice and starting earlier than expected in the NFL, then there’s Herbert’s experience.

The rookie only found out he’d be starting against the defending Super Bowl champion (and division rival) Kansas City Chiefs about an hour before kickoff in Week 2. Due to the unknown of Taylor’s status, Herbert then had to start again against a game Carolina Panthers defense and a third time against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Tom Brady, commonly known as “The GOAT”.

Herbert more than answered the call. While Herbert might be 0-3 as a starter, it’s hard to put much blame on him, especially as a rookie quarterback with COVID robbing him of a proper offseason.

In the three starts, Herbert has completed just under 72 percent f his passes for 931 yards, five touchdowns and three interceptions. When you take his circumstances into consideration, that is incredible.

Much was made at the 21-year age difference in the starting quarterbacks with him and Brady. Herbert showed he belonged, going 20-25 for 290 yards, three touchdowns and a pick against a good pass rush. It was one of those instances where it seemed the Chargers simply ran out of time.

After the game, Herbert earned praise from Brady, which is definitely nothing to sneeze at. The future Hall-of-Famer noted that it was clear that the Chargers believe in the young quarterback. That’s the key; if the team believes in Herbert, give him the keys to the car.

Brady confirmed by praising Herbert’s ability to take punishment and make key throws. However, due to all of what’s transpired, Herbert deserves to be the starter. The ability and athleticism are there, and the wins will come, the team believes in him, now the coaches need to.

He impressed Brady and the Buccaneers, now he has the chance to impress another future Hall of Famer in Drew Brees and the New Orleans Saints on Monday Night Football.