New Orleans Saints: 3 bold predictions for Week 5 vs. Chargers

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These three bold predictions will hopefully come true when the New Orleans Saints face the Chargers.

After a few disappointing weeks, the New Orleans Saints seem to be back on the right track and not a moment too soon. Even with the loss of wide receiver Michael Thomas (ankle), the team rallied around each other and pulled off a win against the Detroit Lions. Heading into Week 5, it looks like the team is back to its winning ways as the Los Angeles Chargers are supposed to be traveling to them.

For Week 5, the Saints should have another opportunity to put on a good show. Even though the Chargers defense has some studs, the Saints offense is among one of the best. While it’s unclear if the team will get Thomas back, they have a handful of guys who’ve stepped up. The major hurdle for the Saints is their defense who’ve allowed teams to score a combined total of 100 points.

Before Week 5 kicks off, there are a few bold predictions for the New Orleans Saints. With things looking up, hopefully, the team is able to fulfill these predictions. It’s also going to be an interesting game as Justin Herbert is starting for the Chargers. In addition, they have been rumors of the game being played in another arena with a possible hurricane in New Orleans. Either way, Monday Night Football promises some excitement.


The first New Orleans Saints prediction focuses on the defense and the number of sacks it finishes with

The first bold prediction for the New Orleans Saints is about their defense. Looking back at Week 4 against the Lions, the defense finished with three sacks of quarterback Matthew Stafford in total, and that’s entirely too low for how impressive their defense is. The defense needs to step up in a big way and it’s time for them to get a few more sacks on the season.

Against the Chargers, I predict the Saints will sack Herbert at least five times. Herbert is a young player and likely won’t be anticipating taking such a beating. With New Orleans Saints defenders like Cameron Jordan, Sheldon Rankins, and Demario Davis up front, it shouldn’t be a problem. The Saints defense really needs to get it together and get back to how it played last season.

Last year, Jordan notched over 15 sacks on his own, and there’s no reason why he shouldn’t be putting up similar numbers. The Saints defense was incredibly hyped during this offseason and things just aren’t lining up.

It’s finally time for the Saints defense to nab a handful of sacks during a game, and there’s no better time to start than Week 5.

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