2021 NFL Draft: Will NY Giants or NY Jets land No. 1 overall pick?

Both the NY Giants and NY Jets are winless in 2020? But who’s going to win the No. 1 overall pick in next year’s NFL Draft?

It’s a cold and harsh reality for the Big Apple that both teams representing their name, the NY Giants and NY Jets have yet to win a game this season. Between both squads, 10 games have been played. Zero have come with a victory.

So that begs the question: If indeed both teams continue to struggle and end up with severe losing records, which team will have the opportunity for the No. 1 overall pick in the 2021 NFL Draft? Don’t forget the Atlanta Falcons are also in the mix, as they are also 0-5.

Both of the New York markets make valuable cases as to why they should have the opportunity to land the top pick and for various reasons, however.


NY Giants, NY Jets make strong cases as to why they end up with the top NFL Draft choice.

Case No. 1 is the Giants. Their first argument is the loss of Saquon Barkley, their Pro Bowl running back due to a torn ACL suffered earlier this season. In addition, they have a rather porous offensive line, a far cry from their two Super Bowl championship teams that had significantly stronger units in the trenches.

In addition, their defense is lacking in terms of statistics.

The flaw to their case was exposed in their Week 5 loss to the Dallas Cowboys. A loss by three combined with scoring 34 points shows that when there is nothing to play for, the team rises up to the challenge, and in a divisional game, they came forth and put the effort is required to win in the NFL.

Case No. 2 is the Jets? Do we really need to divulge into this? The offense ranks near the bottom of the league with 279.4 yards per game. Only Washington is below them at 263. Additionally, quarterback Sam Darnold has not been the same and the Jets defense is having more personal fouls than takeaways.

The flaw to them getting the pick, however, is their history. Every now and then, they will surprise all pull off a scare. It nearly happened against the Denver Broncos, had it not been for a facemask penalty by defensive tackle Quinnen Williams.

The ultimate judge for the 2021 NFL Draft is the record, and both cases have been filed and reviewed. The verdict on who gets the pick is to be determined at the end of the season, but maybe, just maybe, neither get the opportunity due to winning games later in the year.