Dallas Cowboys 7-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft starts needed defensive overhaul

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Dallas Cowboys

Dallas Cowboys. Mandatory Credit: Tim Heitman-USA TODAY Sports

The Dallas Cowboys address their porous defense in this 2021 NFL Mock Draft.

Sunday was the second win of the season for the Dallas Cowboys but it came at a major cost. They ended up losing Dak Prescott to a horrific ankle injury which ended what had been an MVP-caliber season for the young quarterback.

Of course, his shot at being an MVP would have been in question even if he had stayed healthy and continued at his insane pace — although those questions had nothing to do with him. Instead, the concerns were with the fact that the Cowboys simply couldn’t win any games as they may be in first place in the NFC East right now, but they’re there with a 2-3 record thanks to the division being so bad.

Having said that, the losses were not on Dak but rather on the defense. That side of the ball is a complete mess right now for the Cowboys and there’s very little hope it will improve anytime soon. There’s a belief the return of Randy Gregory could help, but there are other talented edge rushers who were supposed to help.

Gregory will be joining Aldon Smith, DeMarcus Lawrence and Everson Griffen — a unit that has nearly no pressure outside of Smith. So maybe adding Gregory will help, or maybe he will be another big name that doesn’t get home.

Outside of the defensive line, it only gets worse. Jaylon Smith seems to be regressing and the secondary is simply bad. None of their corners seem as if they can cover anyone and the safety position is once again a major issue that the front office simply continues to ignore.

With all that being said, this seven-round 2021 NFL Mock Draft looks to fix that side of the ball as we go very heavy on a very frustrating defense.

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